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Friday, March 19, 2010

Positioning White Paper - XRM & SharePoint

From The  Dynamics CRM/XRM in Australia Blog:

"The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team and the Microsoft SharePoint team worked jointly on this positioning summary, which reflects the updated go-to-market approach for the xRM framework as part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and Microsoft SharePoint 2007. This will be updated later this year for CRM5 and SharePoint 2010. 

In order to provide more specific guidance on how to use these technologies together, this updated positioning focuses first on the xRM framework, what it is and what it delivers to customers.  Instead of a “build anything with xRM+SharePoint” message, this positioning provides very specific scenarios for xRM (‘customer-like’ relationships) and the go-to-market approach (‘CRM-out’) and then highlights how xRM surfaces Microsoft Application Platform technologies, including how xRM and SharePoint enhance each other when used together."

The conclusion from the white paper says it all:

"The XRM framework is a tool that can help organizations create applications to better support customer-relationships or to manage other customer-like relationships. XRM surfaces a variety of Microsoft Application Platform technologies, including SharePoint, to better support these relationship scenarios. SharePoint is a complementary technology that can be embedded within the context of a relationship within XRM, and relationship data in XRM can be surfaced within SharePoint connecting structured and unstructured relationship-oriented data. "

You can download the white paper here.

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