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Friday, March 9, 2012

Transferring Lync Calls within the CCA for CRM 2011

I am sharing with you today a short screen cast of how we enabled call transferring for the lync client within the customer care accelerator for CRM 2011. The scenario is as follows:

 1- The CRM operator (do1.ptg) receives a call from a customer (test1.ptg)

 2-  The customer care accelerator will match the call against a CRM record, opens the record and creates a phone call activity as soon as the Operator accepts the call.

 3- The  CRM operator then checks for available operators and transfers the call to a collegue (do2.ptg) or any phone number depending on the case in question.

4- The second operator (do2.ptg) will receive the transfer call along with the data needed to identify the customer (test1.ptg) and repeat the same steps as point 2.

Watch in full screen here.


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Moussa El Annan said...


Very interesting indeed, can we have access to the source code of this specific implementation?

Thank you

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