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Thursday, February 16, 2012

CRM 2011 Phone Survey Silverlight Solution

Dynamic Objects Phone Survey is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Silverlight Solution that provides CRM 2011 users with the flexibility of creating and configuring multiple phone surveys.

The solution works best for operators conducting a quick survey over the phone for their contact records. It is an alternate and easy to configure solution compared to setting up CRM 2011 dialogs to capture survey based information. For more information about the phone survey please Contact us.

Each survey consists of  a container (i.e survey configurator) which houses multiple pages with multiple questions.

Question Types
There are 7 types of questions a user is able to configure as part of the survey:
Q. Type
A simple text-box that holds a text value.
A Multiple line text box.

Rating is a star rating object on a scale from 1 to 5

 Radio Buttons
A radio button is used when you have multiple answers but you can only choose one answer.

 Lookups are similar to the CRM Lookups in terms of functionality.
Lookups have already defined values, which the user can select either by choosing it using the List Dialog, or by typing in the textbox using the autocomplete feature.
Users can still type values that are not available among the predefined options, DO Survey will automatically add those values to the configuration for future selection.

 Similar to the CRM Date attribute

 Check Box
A check box question type is used when you have multiple answers and the respondent can choose more than

Running the Survey
You can run your configured survey by selecting a contact and clicking on the Survey Tab

The “Start new Survey” button will ask the user to select one of the configured surveys in order to proceed

Only Active Surveys (i.e. Status = Active) are shown in the survey selector.
When Clicking “Ok” a new window will pop-up and the survey will be automatically generated the way it was configured:

As shown above, the user will also have the option to add comments.
After filling all the data, the “Submit Survey” button will add the responses under the contact.

Survey responses are available on the contact form as shown below:


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