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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Next Generation CRM - December 2012 Service Update

This has been a busy week for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft announced the December 2012 service update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM online and a new statement of direction which outlines Microsoft investment in the platform and the new range of functionality that Microsoft will be delivering on the short and long term.

Expanding the range of supported browsers for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to cover Google chrome, Firefox and apple's safari,  Embedded Bing Maps to track location of leads contacts and companies, tighter integration with the new Microsoft office 2013 suite, integration with Skype, Microsoft Lync and Yammer for a tighter social collaboration experience are a few exciting capabilities that will be included in the December 2012 service update and in the near future....2013 is  going to be an exciting year :)

The Dynamics Team also released this great youtube video labeled "Revolutionize your work. Love your work. reignite your passion." Check it out below


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