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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bulk Lead Conversion in CRM 2011

CRM 2011 comes with a new cool feature that allows you to convert multiple leads at the same time. This is pretty handy especially when you have multiple individuals you want to qualify to contacts or you need to disqualify multiple leads.
The procedure is pretty simple, you just select the leads you want to convert and press the "Qualify" button on the ribbon as you see in the picture below.



Unknown said...

Hi, can you give me the steps how multiple leads are qualifying at the same time. Because, in my case there is a scenario I need to convert a candidate to Associate, I achieved for single record and I cant be able to do it if more than one record is selected. Can u guide me plz

Anonymous said...

Hi, in my scenario, there is a need to convert multiple Candidates to Associates. Inside the form I achieved converting a single Candidate. But I cant convert multiple Candidates to Associates like the same way where Multiple leads are Qualified using 'Qualify' button in Lead Entity. Can you provide me any coding similar to that. Even its enough for me if you provided the steps how multiple leads are getting Qualified.

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