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Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's Email Marketing, Not Spamming !!

Email is considered the simplest and less costly medium used by companies to reach customers. Organizations worldwide use email marketing as a primary source to market new products, packages, offers, etc... However Effective Email marketing Today faces more challenges than before.

I remember from my own trends 10 to 15 years back, that I used to subscribe to specific lists and I was thrilled to receive offerings in my inbox. Back Then I was checking my inbox on a daily basis and I had a somehow limited number of emails coming in and out, so it was manageable and I had a relatively good customer experience. I was simply happy and satisfied :)

Over the years, the situation took a different turn; the phrase “email Spam” came into picture. I remember clearly back in 2006 that I had a lot of difficulty just cleansing my inbox; I used to receive around 200 emails per day, most of which were spam. I remember taking a vacation that year and accessing my inbox after a 2 week break...there were over 2000 unread items – I was Shocked!! I couldn’t even differentiate between emails that I had already subscribed to and spam which was routed somehow into my inbox...So I decided back then to just block it all for the sake of sanity :)

It is clear that in today’s world effective email marketing moved beyond just sending and delivering email. Effective email marketing today starts with delivery and moves to making sure the recipient opens the email message and acts on the content. Organizations should ensure they are not spamming the customer with offers – Sending for example an email offer for a different product/package every day is considered spamming – people hate that (at least I can say I really hate it) and you will end up being black listed.

Organizations should tailor effective strategies on how to market their products taking into account what the customer wants/needs and the frequency of such activities. If the customer is not getting what they want or subscribed to at the frequency that they have requested than most likely they won’t be a customer of yours anymore.

Coming up with a Good and Strong strategy that balances useful and attractive content with delivery frequency provides any organization with a better rate of achieving call backs and effectively harvesting the power of email marketing.

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