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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Google - SalesForce Join Forces

I have received an interesting email a few days back of a new product announcement called: "Salesforce for Google Apps".

It looks like Salesforce, currently the number 1 company offering on demand CRM, and most likely the top competitor for Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM, has stepped up the competition by joining forces with Google Apps.

I still didn't go through all the Features that are being offered but one which caught my attention is the ability to use AdWords to advertise and capture Leads directly in CRM, thus allowing a user to choose Specific areas for Ad targeting ( with the help of Google Maps )....Pretty Cool !!

SalesForce Joining Forces with Google is certainly something to take into consideration in Microsoft, while this does not affect in house implementation of Microsoft CRM; it will sure have its implications on the new born Microsoft CRM Live.

One Thing I’m sure of is that Microsoft will be popping some expected surprises soon

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