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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A First Post

After almost two years of searching and wondering on the net for anything related to Microsoft CRM and finding the large community of bloggers out there who are sharing their knowledge and experience with the rest of us, I decided that my time has come to contribute (more or less).

Furthermore, I guess this is the first Lebanese blog that will be dedicated to Microsoft CRM, thus will be of value to all Lebanese who are implementing, customizing and working with this application. Hopefully you will find here some tips and tricks that will help you.
For those of you who came across my blog and who never heard of Ms CRM before, here's a small intro:

Microsoft CRM is stepping in to become the lead customer relationship management application in the CRM world. Its success is attributed to its friendly user interface, its integration with Microsoft office outlook and the easiness it provides in customizing and developing on top of the application. you can find more detailed info here.
Well that’s it for a first post!!! Tune in to more exciting posts as the days go by.

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