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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adding Attachments Via Mail Merge in CRM 2011

I am currently running the Release candidate of CRM 2011 and i will be sharing with you some enhancements over version 4.0 throughout this month in several blog posts.

Today i will be covering a major enhancement in the mail merge functionality. Mail merge in CRM 4.0 lacked an important feature: the ability to add attachments to the email message. I have received several cases where customers were using CRM Email templates instead of mail merge because they wanted to add attachments to the email they were sending out.

The process to run mail merge is pretty much the same. In CRM 2011 outlook client the mail merge button is located in the Add Tab (Image below) and the pop up screen contains the same options as you see below.

When reaching the final step in Microsoft Word, the user will have with the option to add up to 5 attachments to the email message with a 5 MB size limit on each attachment. At the end of the merge, a pop up page will be displayed (image below) where the user can choose to create CRM activities, or include an unsubscribe link and add attachments to the email message.

Tune in as i cover other enhancements in future blog posts.



Anonymous said...

but i'm not able to attach..mail is in draft while selecting the attachment..pls help

Hamza Farooq said...

Im not getting the second screen?

Anonymous said...

I'm also not able to attach... Mail remains in the draft folder without attachment if I select the attachment ...

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